Mongolian archaeologists have discovered ancient dinosaur eggs with massive claws.

Therizinosaur eggs were discovered in the desert by Yoshitsugu Kobayashi of the University of Hokkaido. It’s likely that the eggs had already hatched because there were no embryos within. Kobayashi noticed the eggs near his car in Mongolia’s south-east.

He theorized that the Therizinosaurs were social creatures that cared for and protected their eggs from predators.

The eggs were most likely concealed by sediments resulting from a sandstorm or flood; otherwise, scavengers would have eaten them.

Therizinosaurs are the Teropodes with the longest claws in history, according to researchers who found their bones in 1948 after more than two decades of investigation.

The huge claws would have been especially effective against insect predators, resulting in a titanic battle…

Fossilized dinosaur eggs were unearthed during a road repair in China.

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